What to expect with your upgrade

Upgrade Date:

Your Everyone.net email will be migrated in the near future. Look for upcoming communications.


The migration of your email account and associated data will happen automatically. No action required.

New Webmail:

Securely access your email, contacts and calendars from any internet browser using Webmail.

No interruption:

There will be no expected interruption of you services during the migration.

Secure and Reliable email

This upgrade will give you access to non-domain and domain-based mail with powerful productivity features.



Enhanced spam, phishing, and virus protection.



Enterprise grade infrastructure for redundancy so your email is always available.



Large mailbox sizes for all user types. Large send/receive email thresholds. Setup email on any desktop client using POP3 and IMAP4.

Anywhere Access with Webmail

Anywhere access: Securely send and receive emails from any browser using Webmail.

Task management: Convert emails to tasks for a complete to-do list.

Auto-responses, signatures and more: Set and manage your preferences through Webmail.

Control at your Fingertips

Manage your business communications all in one place.


Account Management

Manage account details, plans and billing details in one easy to use online portal.


Mail Manager

Create email accounts, setup email forwarding, manage your spam filters, view available store and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone.net has been acquired by Deluxe and email services will be moving to Deluxe in period Feb/Mar?.

Your email service will now be hosted by Deluxe and you will have new webmail and admin experiences.

No, we do not expect interruptions in your email service.

No, all services will be migrated to the new experience.

No, there will be no price increase.


Your new admin page is called Deluxe Portal and allows you to manage your mailboxes: add mailboxes and aliases, change password, configure spam settings and more.
You can preview the Deluxe Portal experience here: URL to VIDEO

For managing mailboxes, you can access the Deluxe Portal at https://portal.everyone.net
Here's a guide for common administration tasks: Deluxe GUIDE URL


Your domain names will be retained and continue to be managed by Deluxe.

Your services will continue to operate normally and Deluxe will contact you about any changes required to your billing.


The new webmail combines professional functions such as Contacts, Calendars, and File Storage, with features such as social integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With the new webmail, you can organize, communicate and share online, as well as have the ability to post to social media. The new webmail has also included advanced search capabilities and task management functionality.
You can preview the new webmail experience here: URL to VIDEO

Everyone.net customers are being matched to the Deluxe package that is closest to what you have today. In most cases you will get the same services and features. However, there will be some differences. Please see our FAQ about specific features on the old platform.

Your new mailbox will have a file storage featured called Briefcase.
We will not automatically migrate your files, however you can export your files from your current webmail location by January 31st, save the files to your computer, and after you are migrated to Deluxe you can re-import the files in the new webmail.

Email will work as normal using standard POP / IMAP and SMTP connections. Most email clients also support standard CalDAV / CardDAV connections to synchronize your Address Books / Calendars. Note: Microsoft Outlook does not natively support the CardDAV / CalDAV.

The exact feature from the old platform will not be migrated, but the new platform does support sending encrypted messages via webmail.

This feature is not supported on the new platform but it does support backup of email accounts up to 30 days. Should you need a restore of your entire mailbox, a restore can be requested to Deluxe Support. Please note that it's not possible to restore specific messages or folders, a restore is for the full mailbox as it existed on a given date, as mentioned up to 30 days old.


We will set up your new mailbox(es) with the same email address on our platform, then we will sync across the messages from your inbox and other email folders. Finally we will import your address book and calendars. Your new mailbox will have the same or more storage capacity for the same price. Please see our FAQ if you have any questions about specific features on the old platform.


We do not expect that you will need to make any changes to your email client settings.

A new Deluxe account will be provisioned for you and you will receive instructions via email of how to access your new interface experience.

We are planning to redirect old URLs to new URLs automatically. After migration, we recommend you bookmark the new URLs.

You will use your full email address, and your existing password.


Once you are migrated to Deluxe, you can find our Support contact information in the Deluxe Portal at https://portal.everyone.net.